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September 5, 2019

問: 你知不知道到底Hard Gel 或 Soft Gel 應該如何選擇呢?

答: SOFT GEL, 其實真正英文名稱是SOAK OFF GEL, 因為在卸甲時可用專用藥水卸掉(SOAK OFF) 它的性質較有彈性,可以做得較薄,要求款式簡單,整潔的女生通常會選擇。而因為它彈性高,當指甲過長時來不及來NAILME換套新甲也可以用指甲鉗剪掉, 方便一點。

而HARD GEL物料較SOAK OFF GEL堅硬, 適合做指甲延長,對於希望為指甲增加顯著長度的客戶而言,HARD GEL是更好的選擇。正因為它也比SOAK OFF GE...

September 4, 2019

It's the second year AIA Vitality invited us to provide nail service on their wellness day. It is our pleasure to be part of this event and bring relaxation to their staffs on site.   

August 29, 2019


What kind of women are you? Come explore with us. 

NailMe 呈獻 presents:告別手殘:

《DIY 美甲工作坊 A DIY Manicure Workshop》

平時左手幫右手油甲油有難度的請舉手!想學會如何幫自己的手扮靚嗎?不要錯過這個[告別手殘 DIY MANICURE WORKSHOP] 我們會教教大家一些基本的修甲方法,和如何選擇好的美甲產品!

時間           ...

May 14, 2019

a recap of an outjob nail service provided to OMD's ladies on March 8th, 2019.

How sweet is the management to organise this activity for the ladies/ men staff in office on Women's Day.  

we can customise staff offers for your company in many ways...

December 13, 2018

《Moonrise Christmas market @NailMe Popup》

Moonrise 今次特別地精挑細選了一系列適合作聖誕禮物新品上架,一些讓大家會好好運用及珍惜的物件,實用而富有設計意念或是工藝的選物。

這次Christmas Pop up 將於尖沙咀The Mira Place 2 的Nail Me 舉辦, 位於美麗華第二期(新翼那邊酒店樓上)

Date: 15 Dec to 1 Jan
Time: 12pm- 8:30pm 
Where: NailMe @TST 

Call: 23110337

December 7, 2018

We have had a very delightful workshop with Watson's Group a few days ago. Also we are excited to try on Sally Hansen's new range of colors of this season! Thanks for having us to teach in the workshop too! 

December 7, 2018

This is the second year we joined this street fair. How excited to see all the familiar faces we met last year! We hope that everyone enjoyed the products that they bought from us. CHEERS! 

October 15, 2018

NailMe 9週年喇!好多謝大家一直以來的支持!當然,在我地9週年的慶祝月,一定要答謝大家!

Dear friends and valued customers. To celebrate our 9th birthday, anyone with a '9' in their ID card number can enjoy %10 off any goods or services at all of...

October 4, 2018

September has been a busy month , we have another outjob service at Du'IT product launch event last weekend. We have provided on site hand treatment for guests. It was such a great day and it's our pleasure to meet the founder of DU'IT too. 

 please email us e...